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Why Is Nutrition Important?

Healthy and Balanced Diet Is the Key to Staying Fit and Improving Your Performance As An Athlete.

To show your best, you need to consume the best. You should learn what foods are good for energy, when to eat different foods, how to eat during an event, and when and what to eat to restore energy after activity.

If you train very hard but eat incorrectly then your performance will not improve as much as you would like to and other players who pay more attention to nutrition will become better athletes quicker than you.

A well-balanced diet that has the right amounts of macronutrients, micronutrients and fluids is needed to give enough energy for activity, growth and performance.

Four Reasons Why Nutrition is Important for Athletes

  • It acts as an energy source
  • For building lean muscle mass
  • To achieve ideal body composition
  • To aid in staying healthy and reducing injuries.
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