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What To Eat? What To Avoid?

As you already know, nutrition is important to become a better athlete. But what should you eat? And what should you avoid eating? Read on —


  • Lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts
  • Carbohydrates coming from cereals and grains (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes)
  • A lot of fish and eggs
  • Dairy products daily, mostly natural yoghurt and cheese
  • Sometimes red meat
  • Between 2-2.5l of water daily


  • Packaged, processed meats
  • Fast food like pizza or hamburgers
  • Soft drinks like coca cola or sprite
  • White bread
  • Potato chips
  • Factory baked goods like cookies
  • Sugary cereals and cereal bars
  • Sugary dairy products like ice cream

  • Client:Bearsthemes
  • Date:May 14, 2018
  • Tags:photography, agency, creative
  • Project Type:Multipurpose Template

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