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Football Equipment

There are 2 types of equipment – items that you wear and items that the game of football requires. For you they are your kit, boots and shin pads and also gloves if you are a goalkeeper. For the game they are goals, footballs and pitch itself. Lets look at each of them.

Items That You Wear

Your Kit

The main thing is to ensure it is weather appropriate and you feel comfortable wearing it. Don`t run in short sleeves and shorts when it is cold outside because you might get ill and be careful not to have too many layers on when it gets warm outside as it might lead to excess sweating and increased body temperature.

Second thing is the hygiene of your kit. Make sure the outfit that you wear is clean and in good condition. Just like referee checks the players kit and boots before they area about to head on the pitch, you should check your kit before the beginning of training session.

Football Boots

As you might know there are different type of football boots and each of them have their own use. There are 5 unique types of boots – firm ground, soft ground, artificial grass, turf trainers and indoor boots.

  • Firm Ground Boots – designed for use on natural grass pitches where the grass is kept short
  • Soft Ground Boots – designed for damp, muddy pitches with long or short grass
  • Artificial Grass Boots – specifically designed for 3G artificial grass pitches
  • Turf Trainers – Designed for the small-sided version of the game but can also be used on artificial grass pitches
  • Indoor Boots – Designed for indoor football

It is very important you wear the correct football boots based on the pitch that you train and play on because using incorrect boots can lead to many different problems, like pain in your feet, back and knees.

Shin Pads

With shin pads, things are less complicated than with football boots and in general there are two different types – slip-in shin guards and ankle shin guards. Different player positions require their shin guards to provide different types of protection and fit.

  • Defenders need the most protection. They need a heavier shin guard with extra ankle protection.
  • Midfielders need protection, but also need to be able to move freely.
  • Forwards need a light shin guard with protection and ankle support.
  • Goalkeepers can wear a light shin guard with minimal protection.

Items of the Game of Football


Football goals come in different shapes and forms, from smaller to larger and from anchored in the ground to movable. However, there are certain risks that apply to all of them and you should consider them to stay safe.

  • Never climb the on the net or the frame of the goal
  • Never hang in the goal
  • Use extreme caution when moving the goals (ask adults to help you)


Similarly, there are various types of footballs and they are used for specific conditions such as winter balls to better see them in snow, futsal balls that are heavier or smaller size balls used for mini-games. Yet, few similarities exist and should be considered to ensure safe conditions.

  • Make sure there is not too little and not too much air in the ball
  • Some balls can become heavier in the rain or snow therefore you have to be more careful
  • It can be very painful to be hit by a ball and because of that make sure to always be aware of your surroundings and similarly don`t try to shoot the ball if there are people around who are not aware of you


If you are playing in an official competition then usually referee will take care of all the equipment regarding the pitch but if you are about to do a training session, you have to check whether all of the items are in place and are safe. Here are some things to look out for:

  • make sure the playing surface is even and there are no unnecessary items in the way
  • if there has been rain or snow, the pitch might be more slippery than usual, have correct football boots to stay safe
  • in windy conditions the goals or corner flags might potentially be moving, be aware of that and always look around to protect yourself

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