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Changing Rooms

Home at the Stadium

Changing room is not just a place where you get changed. It is your home at the football stadium and just like at home, you have to ensure you look after it.

When you enter it, have a look around. If it is dark, turn on the lights and see if it is clean and tidy. Make sure nothing is on the floor that gets in your or your teammates way.

After the training or match, ensure that you don`t leave anything behind and clean after yourself if there is any mess. If you are the last person to leave the room, switch off the light.

Expected Behaviour

Changing room is the place where you prepare and get ready for the training or match so there is no place for aggressive behaviour.

You should try to limit how much you use your phone or any other technology device to best prepare for activity ahead.

If one or more of your teammates are acting strange try and speak with them to see why are they behaving that way.

If you are not feeling well or if one of your teammates feel sick, look for your coach and let him know the situation as soon as possible.

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