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Basics of Injury Prevention

Warm Up

Your body and your mind cannot go from minimal activity to intense activity right away. Many injuries happen at the beginning of training sessions or games because the player does not warm up his muscles.

To limit this from happening and prevent potential injuries that might occur, warm up thoroughly by gently going through the motions and performing slow, sustained stretches.

Cool Down

Once the training or match is over your heart rate needs to return to its regular state and muscles need to relax. This process is just as important as warm up because it will minimise muscle stiffness and tiredness the next day – which reduces the chances of injury.

Warming down after periods of intense exercise helps to cool the body down, slow the heart rate and normalise blood pressure gradually.

Eat Balanced Diet

What you eat and drink is just as important as your workout because you loose a lot of energy through the day at home, in school, seeing your friends, and at the training sessions and this energy needs to be somehow replaced.

Food keeps you going and can be seen as this fuel for your body thus proper daily nutrition will help to keep you energised before and after physical activity.

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