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How to Make the Right Decision?

On the third episode of Sports Intelligence podcast, we talked with a 6 times Latvian Best Football Referee of the Year Andris Treimanis. He is a certified FIFA category referee who has been involved in World Cup U17 Final, Champions League and Europa League games.

Episode Three

The world of football refereeing is a little different from that of an athlete because it takes a lot more time to become a great referee than a great football player, “You have to set goals, work hard and be persistent over long periods of time – these things in my opinion are key to success in any field of life.”

If you would like to find out what is it like to referee in a stadium full of 60`000 people, how to prepare for a match with Manchester City or Arsenal, or how much a referee has to run for each game, listen to the podcast episode and become a better athlete one minute at a time.

You can find the podcast and listen to it in Latvian language on Spotify or you can watch the podcast and turn on the English subtitles on YouTube.

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