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How to Enjoy Sports More?

On the second episode of Sports Intelligence podcast, we talked with a 3 times Winter Olympic Game participant Kristaps Zvejnieks. He is a ex-professional alpine skier and based on his results, the best Latvian athlete who have ever competed in that sport.

Episode Two

Although he achieved a lot in his career, he also suffered a fair bit due to many circumstances. His life story can act as a lesson for you, not to make the same mistakes that he did. When we asked him for an advice to younger athletes he said, “Always try to chase the positive feelings in sport because that will make you not only a happier person but also a better athlete.”

If you would like to find out what is it like to make an Olympic debut at the age of 18 or the story behind his title at the World Youth Universiade or how to set goals for yourself and what to do if you don`t achieve them right away, listen to the podcast episode and become a better athlete one minute at a time.

You can find the podcast and listen to it in Latvian language on Spotify or you can watch the podcast and turn on the English subtitles on YouTube.

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