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Muscle Pain: The Difference Between Injury & Post Training Soreness (Guest Article)

Jonas Andriulis

This guest article is written by the FA Šiauliai specialist Jonas Andriulis. He is a physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach for both the academy and professional team, with more than 6 year experience in the role.

Jonas holds Bachelors degree in Kinesiology – studies the mechanics of human movement and how they impact our health and wellbeing – and specialises in identification of injury causation to prevent an athlete getting the same injury twice after returning to sports.

What is Injury and Post Training Muscle Pain?

Injuries are common thing in sport. It is no secret that most of professional and amateur athletes experience injury in their career. It is common problem that in young age we do not understand what we feel in our body, whether it is simple post training muscle pain or injury.

Lets talk about muscle soreness (MS). MS is sensation which we feel after intensive training session or after the game. It is absolutely normal to experience.

3-4 days after serious load it is normal to feel some kind of pain in your muscles (thigh, calf, feet). If the sensation won’t get any better after 3-4 days, we need to tell it for the coach, our parents and physiotherapist

Main Differences Between Injury and Post Training Muscle Pain

  • When we get injured, we feel sharp sudden pain (when someone kicked in our leg, ankle sprain). We immediately realise that something went wrong
  • The pain after training session only starts to feel next morning when we step out of the bed, so you should not worry much about it as it is completely normal
  • Injury pain lasts longer – 4 days or more. Often in a painful spot we see swelling or even bruising.

What if You Feel Uncomfortable During Training Session?

  1. Always talk with our parents, coach. Say what’s wrong
  2. Contact a team physiotherapist
  3. If an injury has been diagnosed, with the help of coach and/or physiotherapist get acquainted with further training plan. Sometimes it takes several days or even weeks to work “extra” separately from the team
  4. If the injury is not that serious, we can continue training but with modified load. Maybe do not do fast sprints, or don’t activities which cause discomfort
  5. Always remain positive and active. Injuries is a part of football. If we can’t train, we can work on our coordination, balance, posture, strength. 

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