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Hey! We are excited to announce that we have launched our own podcast called Sports Intelligence. One of our goals with is to educate people involved in sports either as athletes, coaches, parents or supporters and Sports Intelligence is another way of providing more high-quality content that you can learn from.

What Is This Podcast About?

In this podcast, we will be talking to those athletes who have performed at the highest level in sport and have achieved their goals. We will try to understand what traits allowed them to succeed, what mindset a successful athlete needs to have and what advice they can give to those young athletes who are just starting their journey towards their dreams.

Furthermore, we will be inviting sports coaches and professionals to discuss what it takes to support and prepare the athlete to compete at the highest level. We will speak with physiotherapists to try and work out how to best prepare your body for success and we will get into discussions with mental performance and sports psychology professionals to discuss the importance of your mind and how it can impact your athletic performance.

Why Should I Watch It?

With this podcast, our main goal is to provide you with the insight of what it takes to perform and succeed at the highest level. Who becomes a Champion? That is the question we will be trying to get to the bottom of.

If you are a young athlete, this podcast will prepare you for what is to come in the future and will provide you with various tips on how to make the most of your potential therefore giving you potential advantage over others.

Different individuals. Different sports. Different eras. This is podcast Sports Intelligence.

Where Can I Find the Podcast Sports Intelligence?

The podcast can be found on all the major podcast streaming platforms like Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Breaker, Radio Public and Spotify.

Another option to consume the podcast is by watching the video and it can be found on YouTube channel. Importantly, the first few episodes of the Sports Intelligence will be recorded in Latvian, but we will provide the English substitutes for the conversation on YouTube to allow you to learn some things and become a better athlete one minute at a time.

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