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How Does Your Body Benefits of Stability Exercises?

This article has been prepared by Jonas Andriulis, the physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach of FA Siauliai professional team and academy. It is the second in the series of guest articles by this sports specialist and you can find the first entry that focused on muscle pain here.

What Are Stability Exercises?

These are the exercises that required maximum muscle tension (plank, sit up, push up)

We have probably heard the term “strengthen the core” this or any other similar expression means the same thing – keep your body as tense as possible during exercise.

Stability exercises strengthen our abdominal muscles, lower back and the muscles surrounding the hip joint. These muscles are needed not only to show them in the summer, but also to improve the results of football and any other sport, to reduce the risk of injuries, improve posture.

Exercises will help to control the body thus avoiding collapse during contact.

Strong Body – Resistant Body.

The above mentioned exercises not only strengthen us, but also help us to decrease likelihood of injury.

A strong “abs”, back and hip muscles are one of the key aspects in reducing lower back pain (which we really don’t want to experience because it takes quite a long time to get back into sports) and keep our spine in correct position.

So when a coach tells you to do push-ups or sit ups, you should remember that we are not doing it for the coach, but for yourself and your team.

It is better to spend 10 minutes after / before training than to spend a few weeks without training due to back pain.

Stability, Balance and Strength

Bare in mind that if you really like to do exercises for your “6 pack”, you should not forget your back and gluteal muscles. Abs, back, gluteal muscles are like one team. If one member of the team works more than the other, the area which works the most may be traumatised in the long run. So let’s focus not only on the 6 pack, but also on other equally important muscles.

We already know that if our core muscle team works as a one fist, we could decrease risk of injury. BUT this is just one of many advantages. One of those advantages is balance. If the “team” works the same then it is much easier for us to control our body in an air duel, to position the body correctly when accepting a long pass or simply running.

Another plus is that the more stable and team-playing our core is, the stronger we can kick the ball, change the running direction faster, stand up from the ground, block the ball with the body and keep our spine aligned and straight.

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