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How To Join a Team?

Looking to join your team on It’s pretty easy!

You can always browse on your own and gain valuable knowledge to become a world-class athlete. Each blog post, each video and each minute counts! ⏱ But if your coach has mentioned you can join a team page — it’s even better!

1. Register and Log In

First, if you haven’t done so already — you’ll need to register. Head to and fill out your info to sign up.

Make sure to set a strong password, fill your name and date of birth. Ask your parents to help out, when needed!

If you’re already registered, then just scroll down to the bottom of the site and make sure you’re logged in.

2. Join Your Team

Next, head over to the Groups page and find your team.

You can request membership by clicking the button (or enter the group by clicking its name or logo). Your coach will see your request and approve you!

Please only request membership if you are an actual player on the respective team.

3. Come Back Regularly

Check back to your team’s page regularly! Your coach will post necessary activities for you to do — like filling out a Daily Review, performing exercises, learning about nutrition and more!

4. Have Fun

Don’t forget to enjoy your time on! 🤓 Add friends, compete for points and badges and make way up to leaderboard!

Got a question about joining a team? Drop them here in the comments!

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