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Case Study – JDFS Alberts 2011

Over the month of October 2020, we, team, did a case study with Latvian football club JDFS Alberts 2011 team. Our primary goal was to see how exactly can our interactive platform be integrated into day-to-day training process and whether or not it positively impacts players` engagement with healthy lifestyle related material.

We set up a personalised and private team group in order to protect sensitive data and ensure smooth operation and information exchange between coach and team. Players’ activities were tracked via our points system and daily training journals that gave us an insight into activities performed, time spent on the site, engagement rate etc.

Positive Trends

In the space of three weeks we saw a significant positive shift towards a healthier lifestyle. More kids started to pay attention to their diet, water consumption, stretching and other activities that beforehand were somewhat unimportant to them. Here are some highlights from the study:

  • Time playing video games decreased from 1h15min to 50min per day (-34%)
  • Average fluids consumption increased from 1.04l to 1.23l per day (+18%)
  • Safety activities at the training ground jumped from 52% to 88% players performing them
  • 96% of players engaged with the content and performed injury prevention exercises outside of team training
  • On average 28 additional health and safety activities were performed by an individual outside of team training
  • More than half of the players adjusted their eating habits towards more healthier options

Parents Feedback

It can be seen that the behaviours indeed changed and more attention was paid and importance given to adopting healthy routine. Players themselves even initiated various chats and started multiple challenges to motivate each other. Further more, parents saw first-hand how attitudes of their children are changing and shared their some of their thoughts with us:

The platform is a great additional tool for learning football. It is important that the platform contains concise and easy-to-understand theoretical materials on a balanced diet, a healthy daily routine, the importance of sports activities in everyday life, and an exercise video library. These things should be explained to children at an early age and reminded regularly so that good habits are established on a daily basis. Today’s children are no strangers to the electronic environment, our son easily navigates the platform. On the one hand, there is a slight restriction that the information is only in English, on the other hand, it still helps to learn this language, because the son himself is looking for explanations of difficult words. Ernest loves to compete, and the scoring system is a great motivation to “log in” every day to check if the coach has posted a new task. Ernest also uses the platform to post his football videos and challenge his teammates.


We haven`t seen our little athlete this happy in a long time. Thank you for the emotions.


Our kid is dedicated to get in the TOP 3 in leaderboard. Thank you for motivating him. He is also finally listening to someone about the importance of drinking water and is already changing his eating habits.


Solution For You?

The data does not lie, the players are indeed more receptive to learn and consume content around health, nutrition, injury prevention and safety when it is provided to them in a game-like manner through gamification and by providing competition against other players.

With the current circumstances in the world, remote training is vital to ensure continuous development, participation and good health, therefore offers a one-in-all solution for football Clubs to keep their players active and engaged.

Are you a parent, player, coach or a decision maker in your academy, club or organisation? Has this sparked an interest in whether you could also use our platform? Do you want to see similar positive change in your team? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then please feel free to reach out to us via and we will find the best solution for you.

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