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Why hydration is important?

Fluids, particularly water, are important nutrients for athletes.

Dehydration, not enough fluids in your body, can significantly affect your performance in a bad way and put you at risk for heath exhaustion or heat stroke.

This is very important in the summer months when we tend to sweat a lot.

The human brain is strongly influenced by hydration. Even a little dehydration of 1 – 3 % of body weight can badly affect you. This kind of fluid loss causes bad mood, worse concentration, more headaches, problems with memory, and increased feelings of fear and tiredness.


  • Always have a bottle of water with you
  • Eat fruits and vegetables as they have a lot of water in them as well.
  • Make sure you drink more water when you are training and when it is warm outside
  • Set yourself daily goals of how much water you want to drink

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