A significant part of reaching your dreams of becoming a professional player is to educate yourself on and adopt the right diet.


Injury Prevention

Minimize the risk of injuries by learning why they happen, what causes them and what can you do to not harm yourself or those around you.



To create safe and positive environment, be aware of the safety principles at the training ground, on the road to and at the competition abroad.

Football Athlete

Kick by kick.
Minute by minute.

In learning, similar to keepie-uppie, each kick is important. Learn for one minute now, then come back for more. How many minutes of learning can you do?


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The Benefits of Good Posture

Has anyone ever told you, “Stand up straight!” or “Stop looking into your phone all the time?” Comments like that might be annoying – but they’re not wrong.

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Football — More Than Just A Game



Football Is More Than Just a Game

It is a lifestyle. To make the most of it you need to follow some guidelines — that’s why we have created

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We're in the same boat


Your real coach is a great tool for you to improve. Combine new learnings with what your real coach teaches you!


Your family

Your parents are part of the process too! Share with them how you feel, and what you have learned.


Your teammates

Don’t forget to be a team player. Apply your individual skills to the game, and make your teammates better!

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